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insurance cant make life easy can they?

Feb 25, 2013 - 1 comments

chiari malformation




health insurance

so, my surgery has been approved right? well now i am waiting for a prior approval to go through for the pre-op. what
?! youd think if they had already approved the surgery that the pre-op would be approved at the same time. but no, they cant make my life THAT easy now can they? now im here twiddling my thumbs waiting for my pre-op appt. (which is next thursday) to be approved. im guessing its safe to assume it will go through since the surgery has been approved but still. why cant they just put me at ease just this once and tell me "yup your all set, you dont need to worry about a thing." so now im stuck here calling my drs office every other day bugging the crap out of them. oh well. what else can i do?

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by vickyforums, Dec 02, 2014
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