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Feb 25, 2013 - 0 comments








Today was good in terms of the food I ate.  It was all fairly healthy except for lunch (I ate Ramen Noodles).  I really had to fight to not eat something between my snack and dinner.  I did have a small applesauce pouch and some juice.  It held me over for about an hour and then I was starving.  My stomach was in so much pain.  I knew my parents were coming home with dinner so I waited.  Right when they got home I was beginning to get to that point where I'm so hungry that the hunger feeling starts to go away.  Luckily, I ate before that could happen.  A delicious Mojo burrito.  When I finished that I felt like I could eat more, but I stopped myself.  It was the right amount of food for dinner and I was not hungry anymore, that's what matters.  I did go get a last glass of water before coming to bed and have already brushed my teeth.  Apparently, if you brush your teeth after every meal it tells your mind that you are done eating because of the mint taste. (No one wants to eat anything while chewing mint gum or after chewing it).

So it was a good day in terms of food, other than that hunger pains incident.  Tomorrow I will be home alone so I'll really have to watch myself and what I eat.  There isn't much food here so I guess that's good.  I have an Odwalla green machine drink and some nutritional chocolate shakes (probably have one of those for breakfast like I did today).  At least I have healthy drinks.  I'm going to start trying to go to Whole Foods at least once a week to get drinks, so that I have options, since I'm not drinking soda for the next month (and hopefully longer).

I will look thinner by spring break!  But I'll be healthy about it!

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