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Feb 26, 2013 - 6 comments

Went in today to draw blood for the MaterniT21 test.  They decided to do the ob panels as well.  It will also tell what the sex is but I told them that I would ask if I decide to find it out at some point.  Hope I don't have to fight w/ insurance about this.  The results won't be back until about 2 wks from now.  Praying that it's good news!

Xmas Miracle
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1571146 tn?1399909692
by Moma_Cher, Jul 06, 2014
what were your results (out of curiosity)? I'd like to see if they matched! I'm about to get the test soon as well!

6077797 tn?1520004188
by veronica0808, Jul 06, 2014
Me too if everything is well. I spoke with my ob already and its expensive. I just want to know just to b prepared.

1021834 tn?1379292300
by naturschld, Jul 07, 2014
Everything went great.  The results were negative for any problems.  When the Dr's office sent it through to Tricare for authorization before it was done; they denied it.  The Dr's office told me to call the company and see, so I did and they were very helpful.  They said that Tricare usually covers it and if they didn't all I would have to pay would be about $120.  They said to tell the office to send the bill straight to them (Sequenom) and they would fight it out with Tricare.  They were true to their word and I ended up not spending a penny on it.  Best of luck to both of you!

1571146 tn?1399909692
by Moma_Cher, Jul 07, 2014
Thanks! I am wondering how accurate the results are... Getting a little nervous! Taking the test soon

5575813 tn?1452481085
by Hollus, Jul 07, 2014
I'm glad everything worked out and baby was healthy and you didn't have to pay anything for the test! That's the best when that happens!!  :-D

1742167 tn?1436471720
by heather727, Jul 08, 2014
I had the test done around 13 or 14 weeks (I'm about 35 weeks now). All my follow up ultrasounds/tests have confirmed the results. No chomosomal issues and we're having a boy. :)

As far as the billing, it was out of network for me. So my insurance company only covered a portion of it. They sent the payment directly to us and then we had to pay Sequenom directly. I think we had to pay about $200 out of pocket. Not too bad for 99.7% accuracy on the chomosomal testing! :)

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