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Feeling ugly and fat!!

Feb 26, 2013 - 4 comments

Have any of you ever had this feeling. I woke up today not being able to fit in anything but my yoga pants :/ I am only 9 1/2 weeks and don't remember feeling this way so early. I am trying to get ready to run errands and I am sitting on my bed crying :( I don't have much flowy shirts, but one or two and I have already been wearing them. I feel I am way to early to buy maternity clothes, but don't want to keep wearing the same 2 shirts and my yoga pants:/ I am in a pickle! I am chubby to begin with and this is just not helping. I thank God everyday for this little miracle and guess I just have to suck it up and deal with it!!! Maybe I shall go shopping, I just don't know what to buy :/ Oh Lordy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by Dolphin05, Feb 26, 2013
I know exactly how you feel! With my last pregnancy I could not fit anything by 10 weeks. This go around I made it to 13/14 weeks before needing different clothes. Yet I somehow weigh 8lbs less then pre pregnancy but feel huge already at 19 weeks. I just bought stretch pants and leggings with cute but stretchy shirts. I've never bought actual maternity clothes as they cost so much! I'm also a bigger girl so I just feel worse now :( this go around pre pregnancy I was a size 20/22!

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by frank_noahsmommy, Feb 26, 2013
I am glad I am not the only one. I feel bad for feeling this way :( I started in a 11/12 and this time and with my last son I was a 9/10. So it is not much of a difference. I have even lost 2 lbs but still feel like a whale. I just called my Husband and told him I am going to buy some clothes. I am just going to buy stretchy stuff too.

I am waiting for your results today. Do you feel like it is a boy or girl???

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by butterflybabies, Feb 26, 2013
Oh yea, I was wearing maternity clothes at 8wks!! So I remember that feeling well. Just remember that your feeling of not so attractiveness is for a good reason lol.

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by New Mommy 2 Be 2007, Feb 27, 2013
I lost 50 pounds after my daughter but I ddnt get myself to work out till a year later I lost the weight in 4 months I was 112, I got married in September 2012 now I gain few pounds and I'm now 4 weeks pregnant, I promised myself I will not become like I was before! I don't care about showing and my belly, I mean the rest of me lol I need to do pregnancy excerise but I need to first know I'm fine and my baby is healthy!  You can just buy a larger size then to start with maternity clothes. I don't like to buy them I spent so much when I was pregnant with my son, now I just buy a larger size. Jogging outfits are comfy lol

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