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Feb 26, 2013 - 18 comments

well its official - i am SVR.  i had my 26 week post-treatment clinic visit with the hepatologist and PA.  I am still undetected and cured of HCV.

I was on triple therapy for 48weeks  with incivek and am experiencing cirrhosis with Grade 1 esophageal varices .   I experienced the usual side effects including rash,  bacterial infections, rentinopathy,  emotional problems,  anemias, GI problems etc.

Although they said i am cured of Hepatitis C they also said i need to continue surveillance for liver cancer and potential bleeding out from the  varices.  the hepatologist said i should have abdominal ultrasounds every 6 months to screen for cancer.  he went on to say that after about 10 years the risk of liver cancer in a cirrhotic that has successfully treated will drop to the about the same risk in the overall population.  they said that they had only one case where a cirrhotic that successfully treated the virus went on to require liver transplantation.  

thanks so much for all the support and kind words.
many blessings to all

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by jules2551, Feb 26, 2013
Congrats Eric!  This is wonderful news.  I am soo happy for you :)

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by Diana66, Feb 26, 2013
Congratulations Eric on achieving SVR
Well worth it at the end of the day

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by HappyByChoice, Feb 26, 2013
It's awesome to hear that you've achieved SVR!!!  I hope that your SX have diminished and that you are feeling better every day!  I also hope that your cirrhosis and varicies are manageable and you can enjoy your HepC free life!!

Way to go!!

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by pooh55811, Feb 26, 2013
Congratulations, Eric! I am very happy for you. You went through hell with that rash, but you survived, and you attained the prize, SVR.   : )

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by hrsepwrguy, Feb 26, 2013
Big congrats on the SVR eric, wishing you all the best

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by can-do-man, Feb 26, 2013
Great news for you eric, curious on why your doctor thinks having an upper GI is important post SVR. Was varices a problem before treatment? I understand the reason behind the cancer screening.

Again congrats on winning the battle

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by coeric, Feb 26, 2013
hi can-do,   unfortunately i did not question the need for follow endoscopy.   its been almost 2 years since the last endoscopy and at that time the varices were too small to band (Grade1).  prior to treatment i was told that they like to keep an eye on the varices because there have been reports of cirrhotics successfully complete treatment and then have varices rupture.  perhaps they feel that the risk of a bleed, however slight, outweighs the risk and expense of the procedure. personally i wonder about the need for it too.

thank you all for the kind words.

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by Advocate1955, Feb 26, 2013
Hi coeric,

Congrats on SVR!  This is such wonderful news, and I am so happy to read it!

My hubby's hepatologist ordered an endoscopy for him in December.  He was diagnosed with Cirrhosis in 2010, but has never had any signs of varices.  She said that she felt it was good to check and see if there were any upper GI problems given the Cirrhosis.  I don't recall when a follow up was recommended, I will check the report, but I'm thinking 2 years?  I got the impression that it would be part of his routine care now, along with the every 6 months ultrasound to check for liver cancer.

Also, I recall that crossroadsec came close to completing her triple tx, but in the last few days she had some major bleeds that required banding.


1652596 tn?1342015226
by belle19, Feb 26, 2013
congratulations deserve it!  i wish you a healthy life ahead for you.  best wishes.  belle

3159077 tn?1356034731
by Reidmusic, Feb 26, 2013
Congrats and I'm glad the rash did not stop you from getting your SVR. Thanks for posting those pics as it gave the rest of us an idea of what a severe rash looks like.

1840891 tn?1431551393
by ceanothus, Feb 27, 2013
Eric, congratulations - this is GREAT news! I'm delighted for you, and I hope to be joining you in SVR-land soon!

2114467 tn?1358213856
by 1swimmer, Feb 27, 2013
Such good news; I'm happy for you. Yeehaw!
Be well and cheers,

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by frijole, Feb 27, 2013
I am happy to chime in with everyone else to wish you a wonderful post tx life.  This tx was so hard on you I am glad it is in the past now.

3867523 tn?1348953285
by garrygee, Feb 27, 2013
Congratulations Eric.  In week 18 with 30 weeks to go, I can only dream of that kind of result.  The liver has amazing capacity for repairing itself and I hope and pray that the rest of your health problems get better now that hep C isn't constantly attacking it.


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by Idyllic, Feb 27, 2013
This is fantastic news. I am very happy for you. I wish you solid & steady healing as you move on to the next chapter of your life! ♫

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by coeric, Feb 27, 2013
Hi Ceanothus - yes we will keep our fingers crossed for your SVR.
Hi Advocate - i was also told to do the EGD every 2 years.   i believe crossroadsec had a bleed at about 44 weeks, and i think she also experienced bleeds prior to treatment.  although i had sever portal hypertension (hvpg 11mm) prior to treatment, the varices were small.
Hi Cando - thanks for the study link. the study was done on folks without varices prior to treatment so they did not have sever portal hypertension.   Bali(sp?) posted some interesting data on fibroscans he had during treatment.   the results seem to indicated that scarring increased during treatment.  So perhaps portal pressure may also increase, causing varices to rupture during and after treatment.  

thanks to this forum and all the wisdom and support i received from all of you.
many blessings
as always

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by Dannyboi7, Feb 27, 2013
I luv stories like this.A SVR well deserved :) Congrats!

317787 tn?1473362051
by Dee1956, Jun 26, 2013
I am late to the party as I always am...I wanted to congratulate you anyway as I am so very happy for you.
Day late dollar short Dee :

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