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Feb 26, 2013 - 0 comments








The new nutritional shakes I've been drinking for breakfast are yummy and I know they're better for me than what I might normally eat, but they don't tide me over for very long. Today I was hungry about 30 minutes after I finished it. Luckily, my dad brought me home some sushi, which was definitely healthier than whatever I was going to find/make here by myself. I also just worked out for 34 minutes on the wii :). I did the biggest loser wii program for core workout. I burned about 37 calories. So close to a calorie per minute, which isn't bad. I also drank a full 8 oz glass of water while working out, so that's another plus. I'm not feeling hungry now, just like I need to shower. Hopefully I can keep up the working out. I want to try for twice a week (realistically once a week at least). I'm feeling pretty good and about to go take a nice shower.


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