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Rediculous Anxiety

Feb 26, 2013 - 0 comments














I was doing very well for a while but I still couldn't sleep at night and I was getting stressed about everything, my hair even started falling out. I am only 17 mind you. Finally I fell apart and had an anxiety attack and that lead to being sick to my stomach and eventually I had a 103.5 degree fever. I was in bed for four days and lost 9 pounds in less than a week which I didn't even know was possible.. I need to learn to calm down.

I have been doing better I am just extrememly irritable, especially towards my family. They have no idea the reason I got sick and that when there always making so much noise I feel like I'm going to fall apart again and when they stay up late everynight watching movies I can't sleep because these damn walls are paper thin and they always stay up late, then my brothers wake up early and people are always coming and going and making a bunch of noise and I can't block out any of it.

One day just to get some peace I went on a walk even though it was cold and my legs were weak from laying in bed so long. I found somewhere to lay down at a nearby playground and that was the most rest I've gotten in a while.For the longest time I thought it was my boyfriend who was stressing me out so much because he had to go so far away but I found out I can handle that. I just need to learn how to tolerate my family.

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