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Feb 26, 2013 - 0 comments





pregnancy over 35


pregnancy after tubal ligation

Set up my account yesterday... Went for an transvaginal u/s yesterday concerned w possibly being pregnant... I had my tubes tied almost 10 years ago.... Since then I have always been EXTREMELY regular to the point where AF arrives every 28 days down to the same time of day... I missed my period this month... LMP was in Jan.... so 9 days late today... Tech said she could not see any evidence of pregnancy but I would only be 5 weeks a long.... which means it would be the size of apple seed.... took a hpt which also came back negative.... going for blood work on Thursday.... Cant wait.... Does anyone out there know of anyone who has gotten pregnant after a tubal..... Having lots of signs and symptoms... and keeping my fingers crossed n keeping my faith in God.... Any help would be great.... Thanks in advance... n I'll keep you guys posted.... baby dust to everyone....

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