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Feb 27, 2013 - 0 comments

hello?  hello?  is this thing on?  am i lip-syncing?  or what.

or what Meegy.

oh ok.

sit and watch.  sit and watch.  here i sit

and watch

them write.

it's aite cuz

they ben so evol to me.  ya know?

omg i am so not about revenge but

ok lissen

im human

more so than the rest of you!  that is to mean, i am way more flawed.

oh yay

so it go.

and uh.  i finally got to give the midterm!  my boss was like 'you have to' and the glitter twins was whining like 'we dont want to'  well you know what glitter twins Meegy dont want to teeech you!!!

oops i dint say that

so i wrote the midterm a few days ago and its hard i just.  idk what i was thinkin rilly.  but now they be here for positive hours.  im sorry.  i feel bad now.

but not really.

idk like the writing each part is like a twenty part question.  like 'make an outline.  edit your work.'  hm did i put that?  i guess so.

i want you to know medhelp, i am not a speed demon on the road.  im not!  i told you i can barely keep it above 70 on the fwy.  but maybe in the hood im more comfterbol?  idk.  like.  ok first, the ac went to get my tires filled with air and rotated.  that was when he was being decent.  and he come bak and tell me 'they said you need to slow down at speed bumps and curbs' ummmmmmmmmmm i do!   i do!  i am so careful for the first fifteen minutes then i jump a curb by accident oops and whats the point to keep trying?  um yeah ok

so.  i just.  i swear the last time i got a speeding ticket i was going 90 to tijuana to score um vicodin in  a littel hurry and um it was only a five hunnid dollar ticket

well.  i was high?

and um ... god Meegy thats not a excuse for everything missy!


ok medhelp tell me if you think this is a big deal i was going 50 in a slightly lesser speed zone!  it was a major street!!! like rilly!!!  like serislee?

and the marfaw waited til i got like a mile away and like zoom back on his dum bike like 'um, i clocked you at 50' im like well ima clock you in the head mister.  idk it was bunk.  and so i just sat there like.  you know they try to timidate you like stand around your car for a mllin years writing s**t and i just like, did my hair, try to make sure i was all ready to go running at tha track ... (yesterday) and fnally he come back 'i have to give you this citation" NO you dont!  you dont have to do nothing, marfaw!  Meegy do you have a problem with authority?  uh.  and so then i was just like all nicey nice and he go "Do you have any questions?"

um yes ... Can you please get down on your knees and eat me?"

ok whatever.


i don't even know where the gas pedal is.  jeez.

i think um.  you said move?  like out of state?

if i cant even find jobs to apply to here.

i spent hours last nite tossing and turning thinking of a lotta stuff but partly jobs and my housing sitch and


should i go back to school and change careers?  teaching blows.

and um  write my novel right

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gah

nevada?  nope.  arizona?  no my folks there. pac northwest?  kurt was so unhappy there.  new mex.  nuke power testing.  wyoming?  where the deer and the antelope play.  and seldom is herd is it a discouraging or encouraging word?


i need to go.

i have stuff to do here.

im at work dammit!

dont think im not thinking of you.

but I am a person too.



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