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Feb 28, 2013 - 3 comments

Bipolar Disorder


marriage issues


My troubled marriage

****'s going down around here. My relationship with my husband continues to be bad. For the past few days, he has been exploding with anger at me... even to the point of saying he might not come home after work. He says that I am being horrible and mean and that my Bipolar Disorder is ruining his life. I feel OK, not Manic, as he thinks. But he insists I go get "medicated". I may have the credit card to buy medicine only and then I must give it back to him.
I really don't feel like I'm being horrible-- just reacting to some controlling behaviors on his part. So... like I said, ****'s going down. It's getting hairy, and I am not liking it one bit.

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5101703 tn?1363723786
by HiLoGirl, Mar 19, 2013
I totally empathize. I'm having similar issues.

4926212 tn?1361203474
by peachrobidoux, Mar 19, 2013
He called my med provider and got me an immediate appointment for the following morning. He even made a "list of symptoms" that proved that I was clearly messed up. When I got to the appointment, my doc told me that (a) he doesn't prescribed drugs on command or frivolously and that he even practically laughed his head off at the list of symptoms. "Is he your Dad or something?!"
"Sorry. I see stressed out. I see sad. I do NOT see manic. I know crazy, and trust me, you're not crazy."
Things are still rocky with the hubby. I even got a second opinion from another psych. Guess what? Same results. But my husband and I are trying to be more civil and working on talking through our disagreements. So very moment-to-moment still. Egg Shell City, I tell ya!

4642801 tn?1364037708
by TIddums, Apr 08, 2013
It sounds like you husband is the one struggling with the fact that you have bi-polar to be honest. Maybe he needs to see someone, or both of you together. The way you describe things, on several occasional seems to me that he has some issue's he needs to sort out himself, especially if he thinks your worse than you are. Maybe you should just bring it up, and ask if his ok? Or even better trick him into speaking to someone with you by saying it's for your benefit, and you need him to come so that you can work out things... if you understand?

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