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dont you just LOVE people?

Feb 28, 2013 - 0 comments


i swear, i cant do anything right lately. first, when i asked my dad if he could take me to my surgery, he said "I work. take the train." really? your kid is having a major surgery done and you cant even take a day off?
then, i was reprimanded for "giving out too much information" about what is going on with me. all i do is answer questions when people ask. its not like i have a sign saying, "hey! i have a brain disease! ask me about it!". im not bragging about it, i dont even bring it up. the most ive ever really said was "uh, feels like another sick day." people on the outside dont understand. they dont get the position you are put in when people have all these questions about why you have no balance, why you cant do certain things anymore. and im fine with answering questions. it gets awareness out there about chiari, but i hate being reprimanded about nothing.

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