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Not doing so well...

Mar 01, 2013 - 0 comments







not coping




extremely tired

I need some help... I'm due now in 7 weeks and I'm just not coping with the twins and being so extremely exhausted... I don't know how other women do this...

To put things in perspective this has been a very tough week.  Here is a list:
The twins and I are all sick
Twins haven't gone to their two days of daycare
It's raining and miserable weather so we have all been stuck at home
Marc is gone very early and comes home very late
Trying to run the online shop
Still vomiting and sick from pregnancy
Bad restless leg syndrome and not sleeping well because of it
I'm a diabetic
I have Hashimoto disease
I suffer from clinical depression
Oh and I'm soooooooo very extremely exhausted
And I'm sick of other people telling what to do!

What I need is some support, but I have no one to ask...  The poor twins are getting yelled at because I've got nothing left in the tank.  I feel so sorry for them, and what's worse I'm feeling like such a bad mum for being so short tempered and angry all the time.

Oh if I get told one more thing about the online business or what I should and shouldn't be doing with my twins I'm going to EXPLODE!

Please help me...

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