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its nice to have some support

Mar 01, 2013 - 0 comments

chiari malformation





sure im getting virtually NONE from my father but my mom, my 83 year old grandmother, and my 60 year old aunt are driving 2 1/2 hours up to boston so they can be there for my surgery. also my moms ex-husband (i call him daddy. hes raised me since i was 7) and his daughter (my sister heather. no blood relation but we grew up together) are also driving 2 1/2 hrs to boston to be with me. at least my family on Cape Cod care. im actually going down to cape to recouperate.
my school and friends here have also been insanely supportive. my counselor has brought me to a good 50% of my appts, and the school transportation brought me to the other 50%. they are even trying to find me a ride TOO my surgery since my dad wont bring me. i mean if worst comes to worst ill just take the train. but id rather not lug 2 suitcases on the T in boston for 98 minutes! im praying for a ride to my surgery though. im nervous enough without having to worry about being mugged, having enough money, or taking the wrong train!

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