Surgery 2/27/13

Mar 01, 2013 - 17 comments

So we arrived at the hospital for 11:30, they took me right back only to be told the OR my Dr was using was still in use so they would get me in about 30 mins, well 12:40 they came got me again started IV I saw the Dr and he said it would prob be another hour til we went in at 2:30 I was wheeled back and told it would be slow going. I came out of surgery at 5:30
When they got in there they found everything to be very adhered,swollen and even thought I may need a bowel retraction(?) thank goodness I didnt
However the GYN and Oncologist GYN determined together there was no way in the future of them being able to retrieve eggs which I do believe as I bent 4 needles on my IVF with Q and the Dr told me he had the hardest time retriveing, SO it was then that they deterimined a full hysterectomy was in order. I do have a tiny bit og cerix and uterus as they were so adhered. They left the spot on my bladder as it hasbt changed in 2yrs and they felt that it will clear with everything else gone now.
I met briefly with the urologist yesterday because my left kidney and ureter I think he said left is so swollen and inflamed he said he will need to do some proc and at that time determine stents, so I will be having another proc outpatient sometime next week or the following

Waking up this go around was very hard. I was awake talking but I couldnt keep my eyes open. Yesterday went better but alot of sleeping still.

DF brought Q over today which is just what I needed she layed with me for a few and I could just tell how much she misses me. DF said she was quiet when they left. They will check me tomorrow and I may get to go home as long as I am passing gas. My stomach is still distended but improved since yesterday.

I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers.

I dont think its really hit me yet. That I will never get to feel life inside me. Quinlan will be a only child. BUt I prayed everynight for just 1 healthy miracle and I told god if I got just 1 I wouldnt be greedy and if I was meant to just have her Id accept it. I do accept it but I am still sad

Im off work fro 8wks right now with the likelyhood of longer I had a rough start out of surgery and even needed a transfusion yesterday.

I fought this disease long and hard and itwas time. I just pray and thank god everyday for our amazing little miracle Quinlan..

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982214 tn?1471458381
by krichar, Mar 01, 2013
:'( Im so over the moon you are ok but sad for your loss... But you're right... You have fought this for far too Lon and you have an amazing little girl, you couldn't ask for more. You have a great life ahead of you and I'm so honored to be a part of it

1748995 tn?1427338464
by JennyB0125, Mar 01, 2013
I am glad to hear the surgery went well, but sorry to hear you had to have a hysto, I know you must be feeling so sad about not having the chance for another LO, but as you said you have a  perfectly beautiful & smart little princess.  I am sending you hugs! I hope you heal up  real quick!

961574 tn?1505958942
by mhv, Mar 01, 2013
You do have a miracle with Q, and I am honored to say I got to watch that whole story unveil. It is a little sad, because you are such a great mom, and for you to have another child would have been wonderful.  But, you have your DF, your daughter, and thank God your health.  You could always add to your family through adoption, should you ever decide to do so, and if you don't, life will be perfect with just the 3 of you.

Hugs to you my friend!

967320 tn?1333203308
by JennaRie, Mar 01, 2013
I'm so glad to hear you are cancer free! I hope your stomach gets working properly again without any issues - mine did not after my c-section so I hope you can avoid that issue! Hearing how bad it was when they opened you up really drives home just how incredible a miracle little Q is!! I am so happy you were able to have your sweet daughter before this, but I know it's so hard to know that you won't be able to have any more children. It's like grieving the loss of future children, which is a completely normal feeling to have, so grieve if you need to. I really hope everything the doctors are doing will put an end to your physical pain from this disease, and that you recover quickly!

294043 tn?1354211546
by Helen72, Mar 01, 2013
I hope this surgery brings the end to medical appts and treatments for you.
I am very sad you will not have another baby and I morn this loss with you.  Hugs.

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by Ellen038, Mar 01, 2013
It sounds like the right decision was made to take care of everything now instead of waiting until your bowel and bladder were affected by the endometriosis. It would of been awful to live with a colostomy or something. I know that doesn't help your feelings of sadness because of your TAH BSO.  I'm sorry you have to have stents in your ureters. That's what I've been having with my last two surgeries this month. They can be very painful just so your aware. Nobody bothered to tell me. Make sure you drink lots of fluids with them or your kidney and bladder which the stents hook into shrivel up and cause severe pain.

I hope you get to feeling better very soon! You have a wonderful family so make sure you rest up and let them take care of you for a while. I'm glad your wish for Q was granted before you had to endure this procedure.

296076 tn?1371338074
by melimeli, Mar 01, 2013
cried when I read this.  I am so happy you are getting better.  I hurt for the loss of the children you might have had.. they ones that were in your fantasies.. and I pray you get 5 grandbabies!!!  

1386655 tn?1452100656
by journey2motherhood, Mar 01, 2013
I know you are feeling a little sad , I felt sad for your loss too, but at the same time,   I'm so happy you had your little miracle Miss Q! Try to focus on her and your recovery.  I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!! Take care of yourself! xoxo

342693 tn?1425625076
by bfromthed, Mar 01, 2013
I'm glad it's over! Be thankful for your blessings! Take you time! Hope you feel better soon

1907191 tn?1468104574
by cheekyhalfs, Mar 01, 2013
Totally agree, so pleased everything went ok...I can't imagine how you are feeling knowing you won't be in a position to have another child yourself...but, thank goodness you were blessed with Quinlan before you had to undergo this op. And thank goodness you can hopefully be pain free from your troubles and enjoy life to the full with your lovely family. Take care and hope your recovery goes well.

334926 tn?1436815123
by butterflybabies, Mar 01, 2013
So glad to hear you are on your road to recovery. I'm sorry to hear you had to have a hysterectomy. But your right you are so blessed to have Q! Maybe she doesn't have to be an only child if you guys maybe decide on adoption. Anyway I'm praying for a speedy recovery. Big hugs to you!

1779215 tn?1349141170
by Mom2boys1980, Mar 01, 2013
My eyes just filled with tears... But I'm so happy to know you are doing okay. Quinlan might never have a sibling but she will always have a wonderful loving mom who one day will be her best friend. She's a lucky little girl and no matter what she will always have and love you... Always remember that :)

1396867 tn?1433524301
by hopeitworks, Mar 02, 2013
Thank you so much ladies. You always know what to say to help pick me up.
Im still in the hospital. I have to move gas in order to be discharged and so far all I have

done is had a few burps. I have been walking the halls a few times throughout the day and mainly sleeping
It will be nice to go home but I cant rush it being I cant afford to be back here another week or two
My appetiate is still at a minmium
Krichar did threaten to send me a pizza if they didnt let me eat by fri they have but nothing sounds appetizing

I did get a gorgeous arrangement delivered from Krichar and T which everyone who comes in ooos and aaas over
as well as a daisy plant and some other plant from my gram
Quinlan brought me a Willow Tree and I got a message in a bottle from one of my GFs
Lil things like this really brighten someones day when they are in the hospital

Well thats it for now I hope to be able to catch up with everyone soon once I get more energy

1609417 tn?1389646378
by haz1104, Mar 02, 2013
U will get over this quick as ur always an optimistic person and good things happen to ppl like u..Its gonna b hard once it sinks in — from my experience of losing one tube..but u have a great family to rely on and God is always there for us..
now Q will get to enjoy a healthy happy mummy with no pain to distract her!
take care ..and remember that I'm always here for u if u need anything.. :)

1340863 tn?1366644684
by sisi2399, Mar 02, 2013
I am praying for you to be ok.....  Luv yah!!!

1217293 tn?1467357944
by Risa615, Mar 03, 2013
Leanne, you have been through a lot and I wish you a quick recovery and that you will be feeling good soon.  My prayers are with you and sending lots of hugs!


922048 tn?1387946184
by Sherri90049, Mar 03, 2013
Sending you hugs and prayers, too. Hospitals are no fun. Wish you a speedy recovery and so happy for no C! xx

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