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OB results

Mar 01, 2013 - 4 comments

I am really loving this new OB! She saw me within two days of my hpt and is RIGHT on it. Did a blood draw to check HCG and progesterone levels. She called me today (herself, not a nurse!) and said my progesterone was a little low and to fill the scrip she gave me for supplements. She said my HCG was 27 - their tests register positive at 25. I asked her if it was a problem being so low. She said no, just very early pregnancy.  She had given me an order to get my HCG levels checked again on Monday. Hoping my HCG goes WAY up!!!  Of course, I had to scour the level of HCG I should be at at 4 weeks. And I'm in range. But will be terrified and worried for another 8 weeks. I go back the 14th of March for an ultrasound. Praying we see a little heartbeat.  

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by Risa615, Mar 01, 2013
I did my first HCG around 10 dpo and I was about what you got, you are fine! Glad you are adding progesterone, I took it twice a day as soon as I got my bfp along with estrogen like I mentioned for you to try on your status. Both really do help women are age.  Often only people who do IVF use estrogen, but I read up on it and my dr agree I could take it for 10 weeks like women do after IVF.  If today was 27, your next level will be around 80-100 on Monday. Sending you baby dust!

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by Beancntr416, Mar 01, 2013
Thank you! You put my mind at ease a little. I'm only taking it once day for now. I will have to ask about the estrogen. I'm really glad I caught it super early and at least have that option. I know I O'd on the 17th. I took a htp on the 24th and it was negative. I fully expected my test to come out BFN on the 26th. Am really glad I found this new OB who will listen and really understand my concern and willing to take action right away.

Thank you for the baby dust. I send it back to you for a happy, healthy baby.

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by sadiegirl69, Mar 02, 2013
Your hcg seems right on target.  There is a girl on here (I don't think she checks in anymore) her name is xrays.  I believe her first hcg was a 10 or 11 and she went on to have a healthy baby boy.  I won't be around for a week, but you will be in my prayers.  I can't wait to hear what your next level is!  I'll be checking back in on March 11th.  SSBD!

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by Beancntr416, Mar 03, 2013
Thank you. I've been coming back to read your posts to ease my mind. In some ways it's worse than the two week wait!! I just want to fast forward and be at 12weeks and all fine.

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