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Another damn spending spree

Mar 03, 2013 - 0 comments

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So, my daughter is going away until tues. on a senior retreat.  She needed stuff so we went shopping.  Impulse and mania took over and I spent way too much.  Then, I got into the "fast lane" 20 items or less, and there is a lady with a lot more then 20 items.  I was so pisswed, just snap.  I was saying out loud that I thought this was 20 items or less, that lady has a lot more then that.  And, the woman in front of her was taking forever with every WIC check in hand.  I then started saying that you should not be able to use more then two checks in the "fast lane".  I think I was pissing people off with my negativity.  One man agreed with me though and then he started talking negative too.  So, I guess misery loves company.  I feel bad now for rubbing off on him.  Then a line was opened right next to ours and I got over as fast as I could.  I think they opened it just so I would shut up.  Then I dropped my daughter off at school.  She wouldn't get out of the car until she saw someone she knew.  That pissed me off too.  It was hot as heck in the car and I wanted to go home.  Everything was hurting and I just wanted to lay down.  When I got home that is what I did and slept for two hours.  Luckily, my son was good during this time so I was ok after that and for the rest of the night.  Now I am not sure how I am feeling, I am a little wired.

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