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Awoke with Anxiety and fear!

Mar 04, 2013 - 1 comments



failed tapering





I awoke with tons of anxiety 1st thing when my eyes opened! I took 2 1mg xanax. The anxiousness went down a bit but I was more loopy then anything. I knew I was out of my Roxy and was terrified of dealing with my emotions. I gave in and purchased more :( I took some and felt way better however I fell guilty and ashamed! After the 1t hour of taking them the euphoria wore off and I became withdrawn and irritable...I can only think about that stash of the left of Roxy and when I get to take it tomorrow. I told myself I would use this stash to taper and already ended up taking too much. I'm not even feeling the "high"...I just feel less anxious and creepy crawly :( I WANT THIS TO END!!

Anxiety/Panic Tracker/Depression
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by didithesheep, Mar 07, 2013
Im afraid your not yet on the end of the line.
Your turning point will come.

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