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God this BONE PAIN!!!

Mar 05, 2013 - 12 comments

It just never seems to go away hips lower back knees damn is there anything I can do heating pad helps for a bit. IBU for a lil while but I don't like to take all this stuff. Got a massage and I told her to work on the parts that really hurt and what does she do works on my neck or arms. In my mind I'm screaming no don't move from that area but it doesn't work my Jedi tricks don't work. Lol it just doesn't seem to help yes I know I should try some form of a work out but damn I would be hitting the pause button every 5 mins. I just want to make it threw work longer than 3-5 hours. It doesn't help that is a resturant. Walking walking bending picking up heavy crap and then I have to shuffle my feet to the car which is a stick. It hurts to just shift gears and then I forget to even do that. Lol Brain fog is mofo! But I do feel a bit better since I have been off of incivek. But I am almost there and I have got my taste buds back yippie! I keep telling my fiancé to stop beating me up at night when he's sleeping. No he doesn't beat me up it just feels that way.

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4973930 tn?1361789738
by jpv1, Mar 09, 2013
try hot bath with a lot of ebson salts in it works for me!

4333925 tn?1359102442
by Star971, Mar 09, 2013
I thought that taking a bath while on RIBA would only dry my skin out even more. Hence the reason why I haven't bought it. I guess I should have asked huh!?

Avatar universal
by rivll, Mar 09, 2013
Ease the pain, you can lather up with skin cream later.
Hot lavender scented baths or a hot tub. Just soak up the heat, it will be lovely.
The thing I learned about moisturizing the skin is not so much what product but the frequency of applying it. Every time I pass the bathroom, I stop in to slather some lotion on myself. It has become a habit.:)

Avatar universal
by can-do-man, Mar 09, 2013
If you are having any problems with a rash caution should be used taking a hot bath as it seems to make the problem worse.......... Good luck

1986676 tn?1329862471
by Revalation, Mar 09, 2013
I have soak too.
Gives a little relief. It's worth the try.
Just slap on some thick lotions or creams.


4333925 tn?1359102442
by Star971, Mar 10, 2013
Epsom salt here I come and GOD I wish I had an hot tub that would be great. I haven't had any rashes so far...knock on wood. Thanks everyone needed that info.

317787 tn?1473358451
by Dee1956, Mar 10, 2013
I hope the Epsom salts help you, they helped me quite a bit. I also took calcium, magnesium, vit d
Good luck

4973930 tn?1361789738
by jpv1, Mar 10, 2013
your quite welcome but maybe the hot tub spa would be a bit much not sure. When you put the epson salt in just use all hot water so it melts the salts. Then adjust temp to suit you. I usually put in about 3 cups or about a quart. Some may use less but as a carpenter my muscles were always sore. I also put some vasoline intensive care bath beads in for moisturizing. Hope it makes ya feel better John

Avatar universal
by Advocate1955, Mar 10, 2013
We have another forum member hondapatches who struggled quite a bit with bone pain while she was on treatment.  You might reach out to her and see if she has any suggestions.

92903 tn?1309904711
by GoofyDad, Mar 10, 2013

I thought you said you would slather on lots and lots of lotion for bone pain. Until the wife caught you.

Hope you feel better Star!

Avatar universal
by can-do-man, Mar 10, 2013
Hey goofy, in my defense I didn't know she bought it to make HER skin softer... Live and learn.:) hope all is well.

Sorry star :)

317787 tn?1473358451
by Dee1956, Mar 11, 2013
You guys are too funny! Thanks for the laugh

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