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anyone else have this long of a list?

Mar 05, 2013 - 2 comments

chiari malformation


hospital stay

wow! so many people keep telling me, "have your mom call me when you get out of surgery!" just school staff alone i am up to like, 6 people! its nuts. people keep saying "will it be ok for me to visit?" and i keep telling them call first! if i am up to it sure. but if not you can always visit when i am feeling ready for visitors. i want to get some things to keep me busy at the hospital though. maybe a book or my portable dvd player and a couple movies. dont want to bring too much!

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by Sara_Jane19, Mar 05, 2013
Honestly I didn't want anyone but immediate family to visit in the hospital. You feel like a train wreck and just want a shower and out of your gown! You will be hooked up to wires in a revealing gown with a catheter in for part of the time. nothing too bad, but not exactly vistor material. I would try to fend them off until you get home and settled if I were you :)

I found it easiest to create a mass list of emails so you could send out one email to everyone who wanted updates and that way not so many people were calling, texting, and emailing me.

Good luck and when you are feeling better please update us :)


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by kwethu, Mar 07, 2013
i did not want a soul bt my books...dn't like people feeling sorry 4 so not on.

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