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Sh*^ hit fan today

Mar 05, 2013 - 0 comments

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So, I get woken up at 930 by the sound of water spouting.  My son had leaned too hard on the kitchen faucet and it broke.  The water was spouting like a gyser.  I ran to shut it off, but by then water was evrywhere.  So, I was a little impulsive and angry and yelling at my son while cleaning up the water.  I was like now I have to buy a new one and what were you thinking and get away from me.  Therefore, I projected my anger onto him.  So, I called my father and told him what happened and he told me they would be here later.  The rest of the day my son wanted to play games and stuff and I was so mad that I didn't at first.  He kept asking are you still mad at me and I would say yes.  After a while I decided to go school searching again.  All the schools I called but one was full for his grade.  That school is like 30 min. from my home.  His school had given me a list of possible schools he could attend next year.  Because of my grandma's outburst the other day I decided that I would just circle a few my daughter and her may like and ask them which ones to contact.  Which is rediculous, I mean, it's my damn son, why should anyone have anything to say about where I send him.  But, whatever, keep the status quo.  So, when everyone got here, my father and grandma picked my daughter up from school, I left to buy a new faucet and food for dinner.  I looked for the right faucet for about 30 min.  Finally I found one that I thought would work.  So, I get home and I'm trying to make dinner because it is late, and my father keeps asking me to help with the faucet instalation.  I am thinking to myself, sure I can do everything.  Anyway, everything got done, I'm out some more money, and life goes on.  Oh, and I did eventually play hungry hungry hippos and candy land.

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