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Learned something today

Mar 06, 2013 - 2 comments


Ihave been talking to someone who told me that yawning...darn...I can't remember , but it does something to your temp.  It is interesting, because one of my symptoms, along with yawning, is chills.  So, I will have to keep talking to this person and maybe learn a little more...and try to remember this time...duh

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by Sandman2, Mar 07, 2013
   Yawning is also a typical way to relieve anxiety.  So the more you yawn, the more uptight you may be becoming as its a subconscious clue to anxiety.  And the more anxious you are the more you tighten up and - bingo ...headache.

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by jessilb, Mar 07, 2013
Cool, well not  Thank you for letting me know that too.  Like I said I'm just learning as I go, now I have one more piece to the puzzle, Thanks.

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