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Hear we go again

Mar 06, 2013 - 0 comments

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So, at first I was good.  I had to go pick up my daughter for her road test.  She passed, got her drivers license.  Then, she starts with the I can go places by myself, can I take the car to track practice by myself tonight?  No, I have things to do.  I told her that she probably will not get the car very often especially during the week.  Then she's all like well then buy me a car.  I know she was kidding, but I was pissed and yelled that I can't even pay for my car.  So, I dropped her off for practice and went to get my son from school.  He was good for a little while, and ok at school.  So, I let him watch a movie.  He had cereal for dinner and asked if he could have ice cream for dessert.  I stated that he could.  Went to get the ice cream and it was all soupy.  I thought the fridge was broken and got all upset.  Then, my son said he had turned the number dial.  Here my son had turned the coolness level to 0.  I was so pissed and told him he couldn't have anything  else to eat for now.  He proceeded to go to the fridge on his own.  I told him if he didn't sit down and watch his movie I would turn it off.  He then opened the fridge and I turned off the movie.  He is screaming, knocking things over, throwing things.  I didn't know what to do.  Spanking him only makes him more mad, so what do I do?  He has a therapy appt. Fri and I have one tomm. so maybe I can figure this out.  Then, I talk to my grandma on the phone and she is yelling at me, again, about my house.  I wish I could just "get off my *** and clean" because then maybe she would leave me alone for a change and just talk about nice, good things.  But no.  
There was one really goood thing that happened though.  My son was drawing everyone a super hero for super hero day.  He drew my dad as a super hero bug.  He said to me that he wanted to call papa and tell him.  I stated that I would call for him.  He said, no I wanna call.  I gave the phone to him and told him which numbers to press and then press the green button.  So, I guess it starts ringing and he keeps saying hello, hello, and I said you don't say hello until you hear papa say hello.  So, they had a nice little conversation about super hero day and my son gave him a kiss at the end.  That was such a cool bonding thing, it was great, I almost cried.  Also, my dad told me that he is finally seeing a psychiatrist tomm....yea

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