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Rapid Detox

Mar 07, 2013 - 5 comments

With all of the different rapid detox treatments available to patients these days, it can be extremely difficult to sort through the programs that are truly effective and those that many times just set patients up to fail.  If you're considering a rapid detox program, it's important to remember that many treatments have very low success rates, and some people aren't even eligible for certain procedures.  Many of you already know the serious effects opiates can have on the body because of changes in the chemistry of the brain and organ function, as well as how these drugs can alter social, emotional and mental health.   All of these effects vary tremendously depending on the person, which is why a safe and successful detoxification program will always addresses the unique needs of each individual on a case-by-case basis.  Rapid detox is not always indicated to patients. A proper assessment is crucial for the safety and success of the process.

If you come across a rapid detox treatment that uses a "one size fits all" approach that doesn't consider the medical, social and psychological histories of each patient, I would strongly recommend against seeking help from that program.  You'll be shocked to find that many programs administer the same treatment to all of their patients, and even take them to hotel rooms immediately after detoxification to recover, without the proper medical supervision.  You can just imagine how incredibly dangerous it could be, leaving a patient   unmonitored after treatment without any medical or personal attention, they're at risk for a host of complications.  Aftercare is an extremely important part of the journey to a life without opiates, and many times is responsible for the success of the program, so it’s vital to seriously consider your aftercare options along with the procedure.

When searching for a rapid detox program, please have an open conversation with your doctor so together you can find the safest and most successful treatment available.  A combination of factors must be taken into consideration, including your age, health, medical history and condition, psychological state, and most importantly, your own personal preference and what you feel comfortable with.  Not all patients are, or should be, a candidate for rapid detox, since some prefer not to undergo sedation, and others may not be physically well enough for the detoxification. Patients are human beings with unique situations that requires unique answers.

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by shinty, Apr 18, 2013
Very well written article. You seem very knowledgeable and caring. I agree that aftercare is critical to a successful outcome. I noticed that your middle name is Waismann. Are you the "inventor" of this procedure or a family member? You don't have to answer if your not comfortable in doing so. I'm just curious.

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by CWKavinRAS, May 01, 2013
Dear Shinty,

Thank you for your comment! Since 1988, there have been various methods of “rapid” or “ultrarapid” opiate detoxification . It was in this year that a researcher named Loimer reported his “ultrarapid” technique of detoxification under anesthesia to rapidly induce detoxification while blocking the severe symptoms of opiate withdrawal. (Cook 1998, De Giacomo 1999, Greenberg 2000, Loimer 1990, Legarda 1994, Pfab 1996, Scherbaum 1998, Cuccia 1998, Gold 1999, Bell 1999, Umbricht 1999, Kienbaum 2000, Hensel 2000, Elman 2001, Chuatape 2001, Collins 2005). These accelerated methods use high doses of the medication, naltrexone, to shorten the duration of acute withdrawal to a period of hours, in contrast to several days. While under anesthesia the patient is not subject to discomfort.

The Waismann Method is a combination of efforts and services by me (Clare Waismann), Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein , Dr. C. Bernstein and a group of professionals who have worked to perfect a complete treatment plan for opiate dependency. Our method is much more than a simple detox procedure; we don’t have just one type of detoxification or just one type of pre and post treatment. The full treatment is designed to individually address each patients’ unique medical and dependency histories.  We are known for combining the most advanced medical treatment with personalized assessment and aftercare. From rapid opiate detoxification under sedation, to medically assisted detoxification and other forms of treatment, at The Waismann Group we believe each patient needs to be treated as an individual, properly assessed, and given a specifically tailored treatment and custom aftercare.  Our treatment protocol is based on a foundation of safety, success and respect.  

I hope this helps answer your question. Thank you again for your comment!”

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by oez, May 07, 2013
Hi Clare,
Wow!  I wish I could go back 50 days so I could have been your patient instead of a patient at a certain Pasadena recovery establishment, where we received very little personal treatment and no medical monitoring, no daily vitals, etc.  I am still suffering greatly, 51 days off opiates, with no end in sight.  Thank you by the way for answering my earlier question regarding this prolonged withdrawal I am experiencing.  Your methods sound excellent!  Long, drawn out opiate detox is the worst kind of hell for me, and I seem to be stuck there indefinitely.  My question to you is this- since we are neighbors (I'm in north san diego county), and because I am now even more sick than say 10, 20, 50 days ago, and can not travel over 15 minutes time, do you have any colleagues in my area who are doing work similar to your own?  Addictionologists?  Someone who might administer the 24 hour (potassium), vitamin, mineral IV drip?   I really am feeling desperate.  Thanks in advance for reading this, and thank you for all you do to help folks like me!

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by CWKavinRAS, May 09, 2013
We do not have any connections in San Diego, I am sorry. Maybe your own family doctor can help you stabilize your minerals and vitamins at this point.
I wish you all the best …

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by DoubleInTrouble, Sep 01, 2013
Hello Clare Waismann Kavin,
would like to know best way to stay off norcos after detox. What is the proper procedure to take so I wont relapse. and would like information about your program, as far as aftercare.

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