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Relationship/family....out of control

Mar 07, 2013 - 0 comments


Everyone in my family is going through something that is putting a stress on our personal relationships.  My son with his problems at school and with me and his sister and my father.  I yell at him all the time lately and his behavior is just getting worse.  Everyone is actually yelling at him all the time and I get mad when it's anyone but me.  
My daughter continues to stretch the limits of her brain in terms of injury.  She has had about 8 concussions in the last 4 years and she got another one Sunday.  She has been having headaches and memory problems.  Now, her trainer even gave her a letter for her teachers that they need to be leniant and accomidation with her homework and test taking.  I took her to a doctor for it and she did not give him all the information about her memory problems.  I told her I would take her back to him and she states she doesn't want or need to go back.  I stated that she needs to tell him everything and maybe he can do something for her.  I am very afraid that one of these times she will end up in a coma, or worse.  That also frustrates me that she will not get help.
My grandma is forever on my case about the house.  I love her, but she drives me nuts.  She thinks I am more capable then I am.  I am in constant pain.  If I clean for 1/2 hour I am done for the day and in pain the rest of the day.  She's like work for half hour, take a break then work again.  I tried explaining to her that I am not physically capable of doing it.  She thinks it's all in my head.  Well, I wish we could trade for a day so she would know what I am experiencing.
Then my dad.  He has actually not been that bad the last week.  He also is actually getting help now for his anxiety and possable depression or even bi-polar.  Right now they are only treating anxiety, but he went in today and filled out a few psychological tests.  I hope this leads to the help he needs and a diagnosis.

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