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Mar 20, 2008 - 0 comments

pituitary tumor









Suffered with hormone issues since age 21. Had in fertility treatment to concieve my daughter. Weight 118 at conception and put on 25 lbs during pregnancy but delivered at 27 weeks. Lost 8 lbs after delivery. Then steadly put on 15 to 25 more pounds over 10 years. Continued to have hormone issues. In 2004 to 05 put on 25 more pounds. Always tired never felt well. In Apr 05 woke up in the am with right facial pain. by next morning whole right side of face was paralysed. Was told I had Bells palsy from shingles. (No signs of shingles) Treated  for 30 days, but no improvement on paralsys. Finally got a doc to do an MRI, found a pituitary tumor. Test showed very high growth hormone, low thyroid, near non existent testosterone, pogesterone and estrigen. High blood pressure, diabetic symopthoms, such as hight sugar levels. diagnosed with Acromaglea.  Nov 05 Had tumor removed and growth hormone subsided. Testoserone became elevaded and breast size increase. Most other hormones became somewhat normal. Now 2 yrs 4 months post surgery. Testoserone, pogesterone, and estrigen are relatively normal. Cortisol, TSH are very low and Groth hormone is creeping back up currently near 300.  I am still tired all the time, can sleep at night, sleep apnea is worse and can not get weight to budg currently between 171 and 175 I am only 5 ft tall. I need to find a good doc that can help me get these problems taken care of. I feel like staying in bed and not leaving again.

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