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Ready to be done!

Mar 08, 2013 - 2 comments

I almost feel bad about saying that out loud.  I've prayed for a healthy pregnancy for so long & now I am DONE.  I am so close to the finish line & getting really anxious about his birth. I've been having dreams almost nightly about delivery.  It seem as though all of my 1st trimester symptoms are back, the worst would be the heartburn!  NOTHING seems to help.  I'm sore, moody & tired.  I wanted to be one of those moms that appreciated every little thing about this pregnancy since it will be my last.....I've tried, I've really tried.  I'm in the final stretch & I hope it goes by quickly.  I just want to see his lil face & not be such a nervous wreck!!!!

Baby Jr
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432779 tn?1364498475
by feather2e, Mar 14, 2013
have you tried extra strength gaviscon. that was the only thing that helped with my heartburn.

715068 tn?1392937132
by queenspade, Mar 14, 2013
I haven't tried that... I will definitely give it a try.  I see my dr on Tues & I was going to ask him for something.

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