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18 weeks 4 days

Mar 11, 2013 - 0 comments


My water broke at which point im not sure when no one really is. they think that the mirena broke my water. I am on bed rest and drinking a lot a fluid all day long. Once we found out that my water had broke I was heart broken but my high risk doctor said if I wanted to try to keep the baby then we would try. The baby has a great normal heart beat and I can't see taking away the baby way to live when it is fighting so hard to be here so I am doing everyting on my end to keep the baby safe as the baby is fighting to come into this world. I have a high risk doctor appt every week along with an urtlasound. Most doctors are shocked that I have have even made it as I have because I do the mirena still in my cerix. The 1st obgyn I had said that if i was to miscarry that will be it and there was nothing that he could or would even try to do knowing what was going on with the baby knowing I wanted to try everything to keep my baby and he didn't care  I am glad i went to go get a 2nd option which now I know i did the right thing for me and my unborn child.

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