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Nearly only 3 weeks til Turkey

Mar 10, 2009 - 0 comments








**** just lost this entry by accident. Well I am excited to be going to Turkey in nearly 3 weeks now finally I will be with Kerim we talk all the time and laugh alot plus he knows how to make me smile even if I am sad. I feel so lucky to have someone like him in my life oooo perhaps i'll tell him that later :o) I have so much to look forward to Nirvana Spa with mum on the 21st, partying, my birthday, the penthous apartment, turkey life sun, sea and sex wahoo! need to work on the weight though but kerim said he'd help me ;o) she says just about to eat a caramel egg lol oops! I hope everything fits in my sauitcases and I am looing forward to being posh going 1st class check me out. I am slightly worried that i might not have enough money to take with me but fingers crossed i'll be ok. I really should try and keep this up to date whilst i am out there see if i can track my mood and also something to read back in the future and maybe one book how cool would that be and scary actually telling my life and business hmmm.... So much I want to see at the cinema at the mo so am going to go next week with amanda to see marley and me we want to see notorious and confessions of a shopholic too got to fit it all in and lunch with jenny which will be good as we haven't seen each other in a while anyway thats all for today hopefully kerim will be online later oh and just to not i have an uynhealthy obsession of watching ramsays kitchen nightmares i've actually benn looking it up online how sad lol! xxxx

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