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Our road to recovery

Mar 12, 2013 - 1 comments






My husband and I started on Suboxone 3 weeks ago. I'm currently on 1 8mg strip a day. We were previously addicted to hydros for about 6 years starting in 2006. We ended up switching from the pills to getting on a methadone clinic thinking we could use that to taper off all opiates all together. Well that completely back fired on me. I ended up on a dose of 120mg a day of methadone. We were on the clinic for 8 months, and due to circumstances out of my control, we were no longer able to go to the clinic everyday to get medicated. So we ended up having to jump off at 120mg cold turkey. That was over a month of hell! After the really bad physical w/d symptoms subsided, i was still dealing with horrible depression, anxiety, and stress. I was actually scared of the thoughts that i was having. My mind seemed to have a mind of it's own. I swore to my self and my husband that i would never touch another drug again. We were sober for about 40 days. Then that devil popped up on our shoulder again and told us just once won't hurt. And once again we ended up addicted back to pain pills. So since August of 2012 until the end of February 2013 mine and my husband's habits had returned. We both decided to try out suboxone to see if that would work on getting us off of the pills.  I can honestly say we haven't touched a pain pill in 3 weeks, nor have we craved them. The suboxone make us feel normal. And it's a great feeling. Now i'm not naive. i realize suboxone is still an opiate. But our plan is to start tapering ourselves down a couple mgs per week. We don't want to be on the suboxone for too long, since i've read that the longer you're on them, the harder it is to get off. My plan is to tapper down to 6mgs per day starting next week. Maybe even sooner. I'm even preparing for when we jump off. I've never worked out before. But i just started doing it 2 days ago. And i feel great after my work out. And i plan on continuing this even after we stop taking the subs. Mentally we're ready to take this challenge on with full force. And I pray that we succeed.  

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by levans1954, Apr 14, 2013
taking 2 subs a day. do you take them at the same time or wait until you have taken 1 than let the 2nd one dissolve

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