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19 weeks

Mar 14, 2013 - 0 comments


Had the doctor apt yesterday and there is still 1cm of fluid around the baby. the baby has a heart beat of 154 so still very good. Now is the time that the baby really really needs the fluid to help with the lungs I have also passed another moment. most people go into labor on there own 1 to 2 weeks after there water breaks I am now 3 weeks into bedrest and lots of fluid. I have 5 weeks left until I go into the hosptail and on bedrest there if I can make it thou this. Our biggest worries right now are about the babies lungs they are not sure that they do what they need to do to grow in the right now without the fluid. so I am drinking everything I can without getting sick of one thing or the other. which is hard where you can only drink something so many times before you get sick of drink it. I am hoping to try and drink more and get another cm of fluid around the baby the doctors say that is the smallest amount that baby would need. I feel that this baby is meant to be here. It has gotten thou the merina, not being tubal, then make it past when the doctors said I would lose it do to the merina, and is now making it after my water broke. I am really hoping that we can make it thou this. Hoping I can make to as close to term as I can to have this baby be healthy and come home not too long after birth. I know that my mother and grandmother are watching out for us. And if I do lose the baby. That my mother and grandmother will take her of her when I can't. I know that in a lot of ways i am just like my mom. And I know she is with me and my baby everyday.  

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