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HELP: Need advice for first vacation plans.

Mar 14, 2013 - 15 comments


Ok, we are planning our first vacation with the twins for May.  The twins will be 10months old then.  My question is, it will be 7 hours to our destination.  We are planning on Gatlnburg.  I assume it will take longer with the twins, so maybe 8 or 9 hours?  Driving of course.

My question is, we are planning on leaving on Monday.  
Do we come back Thursday or Friday? I am torn.  I don't want the trip to be too long, but I don't want it to be to short either.  If this was before children. We would definitely come back Friday.  I just don't want it to seem like we drive drive drive, only to have to turn around and drive drive drive home (if that makes sense)

We will be renting a cabin, and my in laws will be with us.  We plan on hiking, seeing Cade's cove, and a day in Cherokee NC.

My husband and in laws say Thursday, my friend and I say friday.  

I really need your ladies advice!!!

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982214 tn?1471454781
by krichar, Mar 14, 2013
I think Friday is fine :) it won't be too long for them, and if this is part of your lifestyle then go for it :) I find the longer you're away the more they get used to it... The first couple days will be difficult but they'll come too. I took T across the continent to see hopeitworks and Q... Lol!! He was 15 months which was hard, he's really used to his surroundings and would only (still only) sleeps in his crib but he did great... First night was super rough, 2nd he was better and but the 3rd he was back on some routine. And we spent about 9hrs to get there through different airports and customs :) they will have to get used to it if its something you regularly do :)

1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, Mar 14, 2013
I think Fri will be fine . They will probably like it :)  My youngest is three and he does ok  usually get's very sleepy on long car rides . Have fun !

961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Mar 14, 2013
Thanks ladies!!!  You are making me feel better about Friday.  We took them on a short trip when they were 3 months, and they never skipped a beat sleeping....but 3 months is much different then 10

2082492 tn?1366727308
by Bnl1024, Mar 14, 2013
just come back friday morning so you will be home for friday night and wake up and still have a weekend at home!

961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Mar 14, 2013
It's not when we get's if we are going to be gone too long with little I just dont want miserable babies, and even more miserable

294043 tn?1354207946
by Helen72, Mar 14, 2013
I vote for Friday.  Anna enjoyed all of our vacations and loved change of scenery.  Plus you will have extra help!

3233386 tn?1447024695
by mandaszoo, Mar 15, 2013
Babies will be fine The more experiences they have and  sleeping somewhere different  will help them feel more happy at accepting change. They will be happy as long as mummy and daddy are there , food and bed. I would reccomend getting babies used to your lifestyle early . Lot less stressful . My brother and sil take their 7month old everywhere and just got back from a week in the canaries. If you are happy and relaxed babies will be too, hopefully : )

294043 tn?1354207946
by Helen72, Mar 15, 2013
Put those in-laws to work!

1473300 tn?1397588529
by renny320, Mar 16, 2013
I agree you might as well stay the extra day, especially after that long drive. I took my older son on a trip with a similar drive time when he was around a year old. He adjusted quickly to the new surroundings and it didn't feel like the length of the stay would have affected him much. He slept through most of the drive, which did cause him to stay up late the first night. Sounds like your trip will be a lot of fun with plenty of people who will be anxious to help with the babies.

1152782 tn?1451101426
by ConnieG, Mar 19, 2013
I don't have kids but I would think Friday would be fine! It's just one more day. And if all heck breaks loose and you decide you really should leave a day early there really isn't a reason why you couldn't right? Since you are driving.

961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Mar 19, 2013
Great point Connie!!!  Lol :). The others seem to think we will get bored of things to do, but I just don't see hoe.  And, this is our big trip for the year, so, why cut it short??  

961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Mar 24, 2013
Ladies, I wanted to thank you again for your input.  I booked our trip for 4 nights :). Yay!!!!!!  

1152782 tn?1451101426
by ConnieG, Mar 24, 2013
YAY! I'm excited for you guys!

1416390 tn?1333901604
by globetrot, Mar 25, 2013
I think you will be glad not to get back in the car too soon!  We traveled with our girls- Florida to Tenneessee for a weekend and then on the Kansas!  Take things they have never seen before- scarf to play peek a boo or wave around, musical instruments like bells, some obnoxious electronic thing- which will be their favorite!  We have a black and white  baby animal book they loved to look at.  Hope this helps!

1654570 tn?1364392283
by juana105, Apr 12, 2013
I am excited for you :-) You will have a wonderful time over there! I start to think about my trip to Poland more and more - 8 hours on one plane, then 2 more transfers in Stockholm and Copenhagen (it was much cheaper that way, but I start to think that I should have chosen a non-stop flight..) Well, we will see how Jacob will handle that; at least I am going to stay with my parents and sister for a while :-)

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