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Sadness - Does it cause physical pain & suffering?

Mar 14, 2013 - 1 comments





physical pain


Major Depression

I am not sure if I am sad because I am feeling ill or if I am ill because I am feeling sad. It is tough to separate the two at times.

I think I know the answer: BOTH

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by momindistress67, Mar 14, 2013
I am ill and truth I have days of almost hopelessness and wanting to give up try to do things for YOU! even silly things like a tea,listening to some music you love, a drive to see something you think is spectacular, I have a troubled child, lost my job do to illness, had to give up my car because I couldn't afford it (I drove for a living) I think god this pain and nausea suck but I am here feeling this so I am ALIVE. please think about things and KEEP FIGHTING !!!you are worth it.

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