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Mar 14, 2013 - 6 comments

wish I was back on the bayou
rolling with some Cajun king
wishin I were a freight train, oh
just a-chooglin' on down to new orleans

born on a bayou

--thas me!  born on a bayou.  what does that mean?  something about water right?  ummmm ... a-chooglin.  he sez a chooglin!  ha ha ha funi John thas funi man how'd you come up with that?  omg is that mean.  im not makin fun a him!  i love those guys.  omg wait um ... what was that song about baseball like ... omg wait ... put me in coach!  im ready to play today ... centerfield ... is that not the most wack a$$ song ever!  ok ok im done ... suzy q covers him for life

hey can you just.  can you just like, grab a can of chocolate frosting out the cupboard and a spoon and like ... oooh law!  yes you can Meegy!  good cuz i did.  well, there was no cookies ...  

so then when im done i put it back in tha fridge and its like, dessert for the whole year!  or something.

hi.  hi medhelp.  how are ya?

ya i gots guap!  tonite ima start looking for partments.  idk maybe i could move around somewheres but then i gots the dum job.  so maybe not.  but yeah i ben thinking the cities i might like to be in.  ima look some on craig and then hit tha streets and drive aroun.  think maybe i look too right outside holly where i used to live in the bestest apartment ever!

the thing is i am still afraid to be alone espesh at night.  but i try not to think about it so take it as it comes.  and also im afraid like i wake up in the middle of the night either bad dream screaming which i do allott or some horrible ailment like thoether night i woke up with a nose bleed it was like so freaky and trippy it was like Carrie and then like in my throat too like supermcnasty and i was skeered to def.  but it turned out ok and such.

ok let me cover the physical freakout stuff right now.  i went running earlier and ohboy it was HOT in ellay was it the rest of the country i aint look.  sorry . so it was HOT in ellay omg SO HOT like SO freakin HOT like oooh can't touch this.  well, what happen my contact lens i had to take it out at court cuz my eye so eye-i-tated and um after i takes it out like tears big ones like Meegy i know you sad but keep it together honey and no it was the contax i swer!!!! i swer!  just my left eye.  well when i went running omg it was so awful and like, my whole sinus cavity was totally and compleetly jacked.  like compleetly.  omg they are playing toot it and boot it i love this song.  um anyway ... omg its YG omg so cute so funky so cool ... ok hi.  um so then i was running with this big ol sinus crisis ... oh s**t!  i forgot almost to tell you

new paragraph. ... i saw the Grandfather of Running!  ony he was riding a bike so now he the Grandfather of Biking.  his daughter run at the track too sometime she is a blond i thought girl but i see now lady with a mushy butt ... its true.  im sorry it just is cuz his daughter run like he does like a thousand miles a day like maybe ... oh 20 laps i think he told me his name Danny.  his daughter is so skinny and cute like George Clooney always chatting her up and im all gah!  w/e who needs you George!  you aint all that.  so anyway the blond run a lot lady has a not so great A so im happy about this.  i know im being uncharitable.  but you would too if you saw her!  also she have a real grating voice ha ha.  ok ill stop.

um.  Meegy that is not becoming to you to be like that.  its jealous and catty.  HUMPH so?

so Danny the OG of Runnin tell me "hey how are you i aint see you lately you ben coming to tha trak?  you come in the afternoon now?"  (sometimes)  "nice to see you have a good run"  god i am so blessed like from the Pope when the G of R bless me like that!!! i run just a leeetle faster ... for a minute.

ok so, oh yeah my sinus are all effed up and my eye still jacked!   i call the eye dr but he off for the day and i just.  i just wait for it to get better.  this blows.  my face feel swolled on that side and im all sniffling and all crazy

so yeah.  also i got a headache.

ok we're dun with the medical report.

so ah .................  God was up there talkin to Peter or whoever idk im a jew and he go "that short girl down there getting a divo better send some munitions her way today and um ... make em men of color ok?"  so yeah at the laundromat three check it three guys hit on me like 'hello hi hows your laundry'  etc and then some dude selling door to door totally talk me up and tell me "see now you met a nice lookin black man today" and he was sweet and funny and he did not try to sell me s**t but just talked and he say i am gorgeous which as you know i am not.  actually know what this guy he was funny and smart but he look like Erkel.  ya ite!!!! he gave me his #

an, idk if everyone know well ik they know about the divo but next door my neighbors so gangsta they usually kind of keep to they selves and the mother in law who is the moms of T, who used to be in Treces, yes she did, and is really mean she beat up her hub, its true and anyway her moms tell me the other day "Hey Meegy how are you doing?  are you ok?"  and even Joe who never really talk to women he go "hey whats up" and i think too he is off dope he gained sum weight and lookin better  ... i hopes they dont feel sorry for me.  that would suk.  but i like to think maybe they just concern.

and know what this is soooo bad medhelp sooo bad you just be quiet and listen ok dont say nothin.  well at the laundro mat i was kickin it in the parking lot its beauty day and this guy come up on me he is like my age or older its hard to tell cuz he have hard life on the street and he is like nekkid!!! no ok not nekkid but he wearing boxers and like a white tee and not much else he look so dirty and he is wacked out of his mind and he look all tired and worn out and he start just streaming 24/7 story like 'they stole my clothes.  i dont know what to do' etc omg it was heartbreaking.  just hearbreaking.  and i was out my car it was lock but i tell him 'do you want some money' and he just keep tellin me the story he cannot hear what i am saying and he just loop like start the story over and over he walk away he is telling everyone

omg.  i said a prayer right there for him 'god please help this man.'  omg.  omg.  see Meegy some ppl have it a lot worse than you.

but it still a whole lotta sad.  you gotta just wave goodbye to kindergaren and hop on the train to first grade!

thats what my graduation from kindergarten certificate said.  i still have it.  its in my scrapbook in my studio.

i gotta go.  im real tired

i love you medhelp

ty for all yor support


beware the ides of march  be careful out there tomorrow


gotta whole lotta guap

least it seems that way to me



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1235186 tn?1339127464
by atthebeach, Mar 14, 2013
Hey meeg, I was just in LA for ten days. Went to Venice beach, rode up the PCH to Malibu. We went horseback riding in Griffith park. Walked on sunset blvd. lots of hipsters and artsy folks. We hiked in the San Gabriel mountains. I was with my daughter we went to a women's convention in Ontario. Yes it got hot when we left on tues.
I thought of you when I was there. :)

1235186 tn?1339127464
by atthebeach, Mar 14, 2013
Oh yea also went to Santa Monica pier and watched the sunset. I am used to seeing the sunrise on the ocean. We had a beautiful time.  I was so reminded of my earlier hippee days when I lived in Florence, Oregon.

1742220 tn?1331360327
by meegWpaw, Mar 14, 2013
ohhhhhhhh Debbie!   awwww!  that is so cool.  wish i coulda met you on the sta mon pier!  ;)   PCH is great, it still moves me every time.  and Griffith, yeah that's my spot!  bet that was pretty.  And hiking in the San Gabriel!  wow you guys did it all.  So nice to hear from you!  Glad you had fun here and that you were with your daughter.  Is this the daughter who was having some things going on with her a while back?  if so that's nice that you guys spent some nice quality time together.  in any case it's nice!  --Meeg

547913 tn?1317359267
by jimi1822, Mar 14, 2013
Love that CCR song =0) it's my favourite next to Proud Mary =0)

1742220 tn?1331360327
by meegWpaw, Mar 14, 2013
yeah proud mary is good, they have a lot of good songs, don't they?  i like bad moon rising too.  :)

547913 tn?1317359267
by jimi1822, Mar 15, 2013
Mew too =0)

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