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Everyones health is not good

Mar 14, 2013 - 0 comments


Took my daughter to a neurologist today.  She has had 8-9 concussions in the past two years.  She got another one a few weeks ago.  She has been confused, passed out 4 times since then, has a constant headache, her memory is poor, just very poor health.  The neurologist wants her to have a head MR scan.  The nurse is calling tomm. to schedule it.  He also wants her to see gp to have her heart monitored for 24 hrs. because he doesn't think the passing out is because of her concussion.  So, I set that up for next thurs.  Based on my trackers you know what my health issues are.  I have to take my son to the doctor tomm. because he has been complaining of headaches and stomache aches which is brand new for him.  I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with him now.
The okay part of the day was picking my son up from school and seeing that he had two bananas today.  That is two days in a row of good behavior.  That is so awesome and exciting, but I don't want to jinx it.
Then my daughter made me angry on the way home from picking her up.  She wants to go to some dodgeball game right after track tomm.  Then wants me to pick her up from school and take her to her grandma's house so she can help her watch her uncles dogs.  Now, I don't care if she goes, but that is a lot of driving.  First of all, driving hurts me, and I have been, and will be doing, a lot of it in the last week and next few weeks.  Second of all, I have no gas money.  Gas is not cheap.  I have necessary driving to do that is going to cost a lot already.  Her grandma has lots more money then me, a nicer, newer car then mine, and I don't think it hurts her to drive since she goes down to chicago all the time to see her son.  So, why can't she come get her?  I see no reason why I should have to do it.  If the granma wants to spend time with her and have her help her watch the dogs, then fine, come get her.
And finally, always the fun, trying to get my son to bed.  This boy does not like to sleep.  He has nightmares and it takes him forever to actually go to sleep.  On average it takes about 1-2 hours from the time I get him in bed until the time he falls asleep.  That is another reason I am taking him to the doctor.  The therapist suggested that maybe he needs a low dose of melatonin to get him to fall asleep better and with less agitation.  So, we shall see, but tonight was still bad as usual.

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