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Another "almost" springtime entry :)

Mar 15, 2013 - 0 comments

Hello all...
I'm doing my annual spring- time bounce in. :). I hope everyone is well, or as well as expected!  I am in FL visiting my Dad... We had our first anniversary of my Mom's death... It doesn't get any easier!  I am now taking Soma at bedtime for muscle discomfort, it helps!  I will start Miraplex once I get back to MA for weird sensations in my legs (best way for me to describe)... Neurologist prescribed last year but I was reluctant to try because of a possible side effect of lowering BP, mines already 90/50.  Saw her the day before I came to FL and she told me to start it very low dose when I get back... I think I will this time :). Nothing really new still same ole same ole.  I will try ( I said try) to sign in more often as I enjoy the knowledge.  I hope everyone is well!
Again, my motto : ~Live as if all your dreams came true~

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