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You are a Believer

Mar 15, 2013 - 3 comments

" Believe In God

BIBLE MEDITATION: “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God…” Psalm 14:1

DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT: Can a person find God by reasoning? No. We are incapable of proving God. Sometimes an atheist will say to a believer, “Prove there is a God.” That never threatens me. I just smile and say, “Prove there is no God.” Sometimes it’s leveled against Christians as though it’s an accusation: “You just accept by faith there’s a God.” That’s right. And let me tell you what the unbeliever does. He accepts by faith there is no God. He does not know there is no God. He has never proven there is no God. He accepts by faith there is no God.

Some of the finest minds this world has ever known have been given to the gospel of Christ. It’s not a matter of intellect. It’s not a matter of reason. It’s beyond reason and above reason.

All men are believers. I choose to believe in God. The atheist chooses not to believe in God. If a man doesn’t believe in God, it’s because he doesn’t want to believe in God. He has chosen not to believe in God. But make no mistake, we’re all believers.

ACTION POINT: You don’t prove God, and you don’t disprove God. You believe in God. He is the God who is presented, not proven."

-Adrian Rogers
I thought it amazing that not until I made the life commitment to belief in Jesus was I *able* to see that there's no such thing as coincidence.  It's only one of the many eye openers.  I later discovered that the Bible says only believers in Christ can understand the Bible itself...all the other sudden ability to understand is just a that grows as I nurture it.  My heart is to God, finally.  Oh, the wasted years!

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by Gofsbeautifullove, Aug 28, 2016
Thank you for this post

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by Gofsbeautifullove, Aug 28, 2016

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by katrinika, Aug 29, 2016
You're quite welcome.  I posted this during my first year of seeking to know God through His Word.  I'm grateful to say I have grown considerably since then.  I listened to Adrian Rogers, Chuck Swindoll and other of the excellent mainstream Bible teachers until I was ready and God brought new teachers into my life Stephen Davey, then Todd White, then Curry Blake and, more recently John Bevere.  I still go back to the old teachers of the basics sometimes, too.  I was listening to Erwin Lutzer and Stephen Davey recently.  There are so many good ones to learn from (once you learn how to weed out the ones who teach from their own opinion or from false denominational doctrines).  And books (in addition to the Bible, of course)!  Oh my.  I'm currently in a Bible study and support group delving into Mike Cleveland's The Lord's Table.  Never before did I realize that trying to lose weight so I would feel better is totally self-seeking and that the Bible tells me my health, as with everything else about a life bought with the blood of Christ, is for the glory of God...or should be.  Whatsoever I do, whether I eat or drink, I'm to do ALL to the glory of God.  No wonder it's been such an ongoing battle to regain my health... I've been doing it in my own strength for my own sake!  Another book I'm in, this one with the assistance of a well-trained Biblical counselor, is Robert S. McGee's The Search for Significance.  I began my journey as a Christian committed to genuine submission to God with the workbook from that book, but I was doing it on my own.  Now, five years later and going through the latest version of the book with this excellent counselor (she just received her PhD) I have learned things about myself that despite my 64 years I never fully realized about myself.  Today is my birthday and it's blessed me that you've found this post!   God's peace and blessings (His Biblical shalom...I LOVE that word!) on your life.  

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