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Mar 15, 2013 - 0 comments

who wouldve thot that ccr reach more ppl than big sean???  what are the implications of that Meegy?  ummmm hm.  oh i know!  people need to be more inundated with rap/pop in order to relate to it more?

um, no honey.

oh.  ok.

so you know how im alway going on about morris day and tha time?  yah they on right now!!!! its called graffiti bridge prince look about five years old and he dance like OMG if it taste like water, let me hear ya holler oh prince!!! hollering. here.  take me prince.  oh wait you not str8  well thats ok ... omg he was dancing on the stage ok chek it like this:  he on his back and he dang skinny!  ooh law and he go like uhn and just like break his his up to tha sky like oooooh  prince go on with your bad self brutha

oh my  is it hot in here

im controlled.


good mawwwwnin!

guess what i did that thing last night whats it called um.  no not that!  nasty medhelp.  you close your eyes and um ... like twinkle twinkle ... like ur body start to jerk like u muscles uh ... relaxin yeah and you just ohhh drift off and then like a few hours later (in my case four) you wake up!!!!!!!  OOOOOHHHH OHHHH yeah baby!

i slept.  omigosh i slept like even six maybe five maybe six hours and not the kind u look at tha clock every hour like was i sleeping just now or what?  no the kind like you fall sleep at midnight wake up at four like daim!  i was sleep!

its very pleasurable.


yes sleep.  

and then i fell bak asleep oh yeah and i waked up like um  six no seven!  i think.  yeah seven.  and its like.  i just.  ok i waked up did not really feel like --ugh its morning.  no chek it!  i went to tha back door and open it look outside its like

hhhhhh!  god has been here.  and it all hush.  and the sky pink.  palm trees.  and like, the wild brush flowered by the studio door like all white and pink petals clustered frantically draping the door frame in its fragrant swell

omigoodlord Meegy you bless!

ty but i did not sneez.


its aite i ws thinking partments and las night i looked some one a studio in noho with wood!!!!  floors ahem and it so fine but little and also i saw two or three other i could prolly swing pretty dope rillydog

and summa i mean is so hard you gots to move everything ... one thing i gots to do among MANY i mean MANY is give away all my stuff to tha sally and that gonna take time.  not like morris day and tha.  but the other kind and.  yk i have so many threads that fit like a baby yes and i gots to get ridda thems.  also the books!!! oh my.  last year i said "meegy you give away every book that is like one you cannot possibly live without you just keep tha ones that you have to weep despairingly every minute if you dont have'  so i did i was ruthless and a big pile on my floor and i put em all in tha garage and now i gots the essential ones left.  the essential ones is like 40 boxes of books.  huh.  guess i got to start over.

in this movie prince wearing a lot of facial hair and a foofy sweater he look like Flashdance

i aint mad atcha prince rodgers nelson  baby

but truthfully id rather see appollonia than this other weird chik


o ee o ee o

it hard dealin with someone you still got some felin for i mean not all felin but a lil and just they in tha house and sumtime you plum rageful at them and other time you like why fight it just be nis.  like ik Br./L you would say be nice but you prolly more mature than i am ;) and idk i just sometime i like to act out on the rage yk?  ohhh gah.  there one other person like that in my life right now i say all the time just stay away from him but then he get at me and i go but i have felin for him he just drive me crazy so do you go by logic?  or by mlk ish ness?  one time this old friend of mine she go "meegy do you alway have to go by your heart?  cant you go by logic?  do you let your emotion rule you?"  im all let me think about that ... yes

like, the frosting issue i was all, the other day telling him "No do not buy me food i will take it and throw it all outside in tha big trash cans *** your food!  and the horse it came in on!"  and just he go 'ok than i wont buy you food' and im all "exactlee einstein!!!!!!"  and today i go look in tha fruit cuz i ben eating oranges and tangerines which i love but where my big honeycrisp apples and the um big um bananas ummmmmm and i ate em all so i look today theres a ton of apples and bananas and joni mitchell pickture too

well idk

idk ht act

i just try to act foolish and clueless like i no bess

oh Meegy.  dont be so har on ursel


i swer prince is so jennifer beals.  but i dig him

today my beepy appt at ten.  the unfly dude on the fone yesty go 'i see youve missed your last three appointments for rechek'  like cell!!  that was TWO appts by you buddy!  whatever just cuz you can see my file (that sound nasty) dont mean you KNOW me!  im sure you earn barely more an hour than i do!  so shut it!

ok im dun

i love you medhelp

good mornin

happy fry day


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