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Not a healthy day

Mar 15, 2013 - 0 comments

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I took my son to the doctor today because he has been complaining of stomache and head aches.  The doctor thinks it may be gerd.  I have it and the spot on the belly where he said it hurts is high up.  Makes sense.  He also is concerned about how hard it is for my son to get out a small bowel movement.  Yes, he has them everyday, but he has to work and it only yeilds small results.  So he gave him liquid ranitidine twice a day and miralax once a day.  The miralax was fine, he put it in some apple juice and stimself and said it was fine.  The ranitidine he gave a horrible face, opened his mouth at which point half fell out.  I told him he has to swallow it, so he did.  He then made another face and asked for water.  I gave him a small amount of water in the same little cup I had given him the medicine in.  He is not one to shy from medicine, in fact he actually likes most cold and fever medicines.  I do not know how well he will take this, and it is twice a day.  If he continues to have a hard time I may ask the doctor or pharmasist if there is a low dose pill he can take.  If there are problems, I hope so.  Then, I got a migraine at 5pm.  My daughter kept asking me to pick her up from school at 930pm.  I was getting so angry with her.  I told her I had a migraine, looking at the texts were making it worse.  She was going by her grandma's house after she got home, so I kept asking if she could pick her up instead of me.  She never even asked her.  I texted her grandma, more texting that was making my headache worse.  That got messed up somehow, so I finally call4ed her grandma.  I told her I had a migraine and I just couldn't text anymore.  Her grandma said she would pick her up from school so that was finally over, thank god.  Then, I had the vomiting at 930, which would have been when I picked my daughter up.  Now I feel better.  All in all today was not that great of a day.  My son is now on two medications, one of which he gags at.  Then I get my migraine on top of it.  There are a few other little things that got me worked up, but I am done for now.  I just want to go to bed.

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