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Mar 16, 2013 - 2 comments

I was diagnosed with Chiari in September of 2012.  I was having horrible headaches, that no medicine was able to really touch and my memory was just getting worse by the day!!!  I am a teacher and it was really bade! Oh, gotta love the Chiari brain!    I didn't normally have headaches, so my family dr. ordered an MRI and I had it just a few days later, the MRI showed the Chiari.  I was sent to my NS who I had my surgery with just about a month and a half later.  I realized in talking with him, that there were a lot of other symptoms I had just really learned to live with that were probably the Chiari.  It was all very quick for me.  I had my decompression surgery November 5th, 2012.  I am about 4.5 months post op and still struggling.  I have gone back to work 4 days a week, taking Wed. off in the middle of the week.  This helps.  I know I have a day of rest coming every 2 days.  My family is ready to have me back.  I have a wonderful husband (little did he know how much he would be taking care of me after being married for only 2 years!) and two little girls.  One of them said to me the other day that I didn't seem like the same person anymore.  :(  Very heartbreaking!  I reminded her that this was brain surgery and it will just take me some time to heal.  

I am learning here that things might not be the same, but hopefully I will get close!  Thanks for reading. :)

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by selmaS, Mar 16, 2013
Using the journal to document ur journey with Chiari is one way to have a record and share more about u, u go, u can edit the original post and add to each week or each symptom change or Diff Dr u see u can add to this to have it all in one place.

Thanks for sharing with us : )

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by mtgirl41, Mar 16, 2013
Thanks!  I am just realizing this site had so much more to it than the place to post a question!  :)

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