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Just learned something new

Mar 17, 2013 - 0 comments

My mother suggested I take my temperature and bp. Temperature is the normal 96.7F. So no fever. So went to take my blood pressure. I can barely make out any sounds on the bp, since I do it manually. What does this mean? My ears are screwed up with this reaction to the sun and heat. Means I've lost hearing at this point and time. I normally can do the bp manually without any trouble. My hearing loss is for high frequency, not normal sounds. The only sound I could make out started at 132, and heard it until 120. Now, that is just crazy, for I would be dead. So my conclusion is my hearing is messed up by this as well.

So along with this morning being very painful for the hips, more than yesterday, now up to an 8 from yesterday's 5, yah, that is another scary realization.

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