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Had some silly time :0)

Mar 18, 2013 - 1 comments

St. Patrick's day well I didn't work that's a plus. Got to be silly and play outside even if it only lasted for 10 mins. I got to watch my next door neighbor and my lovely annoying brother get wasted. People act like such fools when they drink. No, I didn't drink I'm not that dumb. Doesn't mean that I wouldn't have minded to have a beer. I can save my one glass of sweet red wine when I am SVR. I was never a big drinker it was always shooting up smack. I have over come that many years ago almost 10 yrs. thank god for prison and a great man. If it wasn't for him I may be a lot worse. How I only have stage 0 with portal inflammation is beyond me. I kinda found out in prison that I had hep c in 2005 or something. I push the thought out of my mind that it happened to me. I am glad I waited to wise up get insurance and get blood work done just to be sure. It has worked so far with different meds. I know it wasn't the right thing to do but I guess god does work in mysterious ways.
Anyways it was nice to be silly even for that short time. I know I will bounce back!

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by jpv1, Mar 18, 2013
I hope you find many more silly moments!!

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