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I tried`

Mar 17, 2013 - 0 comments

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I just tried to write about my past and everything that has led me to where I am.  I had so much stuff and still so much to go that I just gave up.  I canceled it, and now there is nothing again.  It was so hard to do, I am crying.  I wish I could have done it, but it is just too much.  I knew it in my head that it was a lot, but I thought I could write it.  Turns out I only got up to age 19 and quit.  I had about 10 pages already and now they are gone again.  Well today was an okay day.  Live day by day right?  Don't live in the past.  I just wanted anyone who wanted to know to be able to without me having to write it or say it everytime.  Just say look up this journal, or print it out for someone, but I just couldn't.  I had been writing for an hour and have nothing to show for it except these words.  I am sorry to anyone who wanted to know.

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