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Good news

Mar 18, 2013 - 0 comments

Got back from Dr. with good news---liver is compensated. There was much confusion with 1st pathology report. That is the one hector had interpreted. After the fiasco with 1st dr. My current gastro asked to have the slides read by pathology @ St. Jude hospital in Fullerton, Ca. I did that. About the same stage 4 (cirrhosis) grade 3. My gastro is trained in hepatology. I know, they all claim to be. But q (hubby) grilled him pretty good. I'm very happy with this guy. I love the network set up there. He's checking my AFP, it was 28 1/2 several months ago. I'm sure it's nothing. Ultra sound Mar. 28, just because its time. So miss kitty is going to relax. A lot about me (sorry)!!!  Oh we'll q just yelled up you still need to see the hepa at uc irvine. This scared the crap out him!!! Ok I will!! Cover all bases!

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