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Mar 18, 2013 - 0 comments

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My son's school called at 1030am and told me he was lethargic and vomited.  I went to get him.  It is very odd for him to be lethargic.  He was sleeping on a huge pillow on the floor of the classroom when I got there.  I took him home.  He immediately threw up. I called the doctor to see if it may be his medications.  They said to stop them for the day and see what happens.  It was kinda peaceful and relaxing with him just sleeping with his head on my lap.  He continued throughout the day and evening to vomit and go to sleep and all over again.  I was very worried, but like I said, I was also happy to be able to be there for him, even if as a pillow and vomit bucket cleaner.  He tried to eat once, some crackers, and while he was eating he vomited, so that was the end of that.  At 830pm he finally wanted to eat again.  He had a pop tart.  It stayed down and he started feeling better.  The horrible part started when he wouldn't go to bed.  I mean he had been sleeping all day and part of the evening.  I am writing this at 127am and he is still up.  I was trying to clean my bed so I could sleep in the room with him, because he is following me around the house.  He is just totally not tired and annoying me now.  I did get my bed cleaned, but who knows when he will go to bed.  It was hard work getting my bed done and I am in a deal of pain right now.  I am not going to get into anything else, I want to turn out the light and lay down to swee if that will get him to sleep.

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