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Mar 19, 2013 - 2 comments

Well  since I finally got a cycle on my own,I can start taking my temp and other stuuf and hopefully I will get my + with no ferility medicine.This has been a long journey and it's been hard.I just want to vent but Imma hold it in.Hopefully things will start to look up for me!!

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by KeeLolo, Mar 19, 2013
They will Hun, just try and stay positive. I know I say this every time I message you but it is so vital to this journey that we are on. I too did not do fertility treatment this cycle as I have been taking Clomid since Dec. This month I decided not too because I wanted to see that I ovulate on my own. So I tried Clearblue Easy ADVANCED digital OPK this time. It detects your 4 most fertile giving you 2 more days unlike the regular OPK that only detects your 2 fertile days. So today is March 19 Cycle Day 12 for me and I tested this morning and got a positive digital smiley face. With this test on your HIGH fertility days it will be flashing and on your PEAK fertility days it will be a non-flashing smiley face. So today was the first of my flashing smiley faces. I really hope we(hubby & I) get our first ever Positive HPT!!!! staying positive, prayerful, and hopeful that our prayers to be parents will be answered soon.....Cant wait to share my good news and to hear yours!!! Fx,fx,fx and SSBD your way!! SMILE :-)

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by kimmielou137, Mar 19, 2013
Thanks KeeLolo, I feel so much better...I really hope you get your postive real soon!!! I this this is your break through to having a little one,I'm surely praying for you and hope everything works out great.I know the journey has been hard for a lot of us but we go have an baby or baby bump before 2013 is over.I'm praying that! Keep me updated girlie!!

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