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please help!

Mar 19, 2013 - 0 comments

Ok so I was really stupid and tried the drug spice or potpourri or k2 whatever you want to call it. I was smoking weed and I didn't want to anymore so one of my friends brought home a baggie of it one time. I had one of the worse drug experiences off it ever and I have dabbled with a lot but for some reason I got really heavy into it like hard core into it. Well cut to two years later a lot of people were telling me how terrible it is and I was like people I smoke it and I'm fine. Well I work in like the worse part of town right next to a smoke shop. And people would be smoking it out in the open. Oever time.I started noticing people change. Like especially the younger ones were getting more mean and aggressive. I started working graveyards and I would have people coming up to my window freaking out. Like had these one lady telling me there was a bug in her brain and was going crazy on me. Wo I looked into the drug and did not like what I read. So decided to stop. Well all of a sudden I was having the worse withdrawls even. It started with a terrible mind numbing head. Nausea. Cold sweat. Mouth watering. Full body aches and numbness. Chest pains. Sweating non stop. My body feels hot but when I ask someone to touch me they say I feel fine or when they take my temp.its actually low. Rapid or heavy heartbeats. I mean the list goes on on and on. I have been to the hospital four time but they check me out done cat scans blood work chest x rays everything and tell me I'm as healthy as a horse. (dont really get that but ok). I do have two wisdom teeth that are needing to come out bad but they say they are not even infected and they give me antibiotics and they make me feel way worse like dead legs increase headaches. I have been brushing my teeth like crazy and ueing a bunch onbmouth washes and numbing stuff. Ibuprofen everyday muti men vitamins and anything with b 12 but its not getting better. I have full on anxiety attacks I can't sleep I hurt all over can't stop eating which makes me feelworse. Anyone know what I can do that I haven't already. I don't have insurance so home remedies would really help

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