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Birthday EVE...... A new beginning!

Mar 19, 2013 - 0 comments

Well.......  Today is the day,  we bumped up my MRI to today and to be honest I have been looking very forward to this day. This is the beginning of a new adventure for me.  This mess started in 2011 with this day.  This is the day, back then, that I found out just how bad my back was then...  Hints......  The pill journey...  Now today we re visit the "tunnel of death" for a new image to see how much worse I have gotten. I have been both nervous and excited about today. Mostly because this started my pill therapy but also because I recently found out a close friend of the family had pain in his back, went to see a doctor, and long story short...  He found out that he had major spinal cancer and passed 3 months later. I was very close to this person when I was young, almost like a roll model.  After I began my adulthood we lost touch as most do but I always thought of him. When I got the news of his death I couldn't believe it. 45 yrs old, wrestling with his nephew and hurt his back and this is the news he got!  I know the circumstances are unique, however I guess my anxiety is bred for my anticipation of a solution. I just want to feel better. What ever it takes. Physical therapy helps that day and honestly today not as bad, but its early..  We will see. I guess I'm also afraid of how much more damage the pill has pushed under the rug. I'm 36 tomorrow with an adventurous life ahead full of fun times and hard work. I need my health!!
  Hopefully for me.... Today, is a new beginning!

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