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Wish they made better decisions

Mar 19, 2013 - 5 comments

As I read stories of how people kill their kids and newborns hurt.It's people like me who wish they could just have one child.It' some cruel people in this world man.I'm sitting up here struggling to get pregnant but it's people who have kids back to back and they hurting them ;((

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1779215 tn?1349141170
by Mom2boys1980, Mar 20, 2013
I hear you! My sister is struggling as well... You're not alone...don't give up and be positive!  These cruel people that hurt their kids or kill them are not human...I wouldn't even say they're animals but an evil human!  Sometimes I look at my kids nd say " why and how can someone be so evil and hurt a innocent child " !  Our kids, they learn from us and they depend on us to teach them step by step..they're innocent in every way! People are cruel, selfish and EVIL!

1783159 tn?1450767156
by kimmielou137, Mar 20, 2013
I so agree and it hurts so bad,I mean who would shoot up a 6 month old baby,I wouldn't be able to sleep or eat knowing I did something like that.They are crazy.If they don't want them,give them to somebody who will because I would take them.

1045727 tn?1463746583
by Vantom, Mar 20, 2013
sis my lil niece who i think is 24 or so is pregnant for the 2nd time and she was goin for an abortion, i mean i was pissed about it cause im like maybe u dnt care but i wish it was me who was pregnant, as bad as i want a baby u wanna go and have an abortion and act like u dnt care about it cause u dnt want it.. so now she has to come up with the money to get the whole process done and im just ike ur f'in dumb it aint that baby fault to be brought in this world, hell u laid there and made it be women enough to take care of it ya kno smh.. sorry its long sis lol but i feel what u mean about ppl doin that to they kids when we TTC'ers are injecting, sticking ourselves with needles, taking all these meds, having weird cycles, doctors appts. pcos, low sperm counts ect. cant have it as easy as everybody else i mean wtf when is it gonna be our turn to have babies, it just ***** ppl can do that and not even give a damn about how it effects others trying hella hard to have em..  

4769306 tn?1519524956
by KeeLolo, Mar 20, 2013
Tell me about it. I have a coworker that in the 5 yrs that I have know her has had 3 maybe 4 abortions..It hurts me to my heart so BAD!!!! I'm like don't kill it. Have it and sign the rights over to me I will not ask you for a thing and that child will be spared its life... Talk about CRUEL!!!!

1783159 tn?1450767156
by kimmielou137, Mar 20, 2013
This the kind of stuff that will make you cry.You try so hard and nothing.We go through so much just to have one baby.It's so sad and hurts so bad.I don't see how they can get rid of them babies like that.Maybe they should try birth contol.

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