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Thank you to my MH friends :)

Mar 20, 2013 - 9 comments

Thank you





I just wanted to take some time and write a journal to all my MH friends!

I have met wonderful ladies on here, some who I adore to chat with, some who I admire and a one who I met And felt played and fooled!  For those who I adore and admire, THANK YOU! And for that one that fooled me, KARMA is a B! This site was about helping each other, give each other friendly advice or just a friend to give some comforting words of hope and courage, and that's what I've done!

I met one person who I thought was honest, sincere and friendly but only to find out she's a liar, a scammer and cruel.
I have put all the pieces together, one by one and it all came together. I'm so Disappointed in how she played me and a few on here for a fool. And how she pointed the finger at a few and called a B to a few! So so disgusting of her!

Once again, I thank everyone for being wonderful ladies, never give up on your dreams no matter how big they just need to vision them, believe it and you will receive it. Sending you all a big hug :)

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1636472 tn?1439186588
by beddajess, Mar 20, 2013
I love this journal and thank you so much for sharing your feelings with us!! You are definitely one of the ladies on here who bring pure sunshine to this site! I have learned to let go of the others who come on here to cause problems. They aren't worth it! Once you realize who they are, I'd say just cut them off, its the best thing and I have had no problem doing so ;)

I am only still on here so that I can keep in touch with the good ladies like yourself and to be able to be there for those who need my help or advice. I still think this site can be great once all of the weeds are pulled!

Thank you again for showing your love, care and support!!

*big hugs*

1396867 tn?1433524301
by hopeitworks, Mar 20, 2013
Fabulous journal!!! Ditto all you say!!!! Good for you for speaking up!!

1779215 tn?1349141170
by Mom2boys1980, Mar 20, 2013
A big THANK YOU to the both of you. You both, have been such wonderful ladies from the very first day. I admire each one of you for what you both been through, for being honest, sincere and very friendly. Sending you both a big hug :)

334926 tn?1436815123
by butterflybabies, Mar 20, 2013
I don't let myself get caught up in drama. I just like to see how my friends are and offer an ear or advice when I can. I may not comment on everyone's posts cause sometimes I miss them (hate the way mh is set up) if your not on for a day or 2 you can miss so much with what's going on. And it's not always easy to get time away to pop on. I think true friends understand that and are still your friends even if you only check in every few days. I enjoy updates from you and that you comment on my pics :).  

1779215 tn?1349141170
by Mom2boys1980, Mar 20, 2013
Thank you butterflybabies- I love looking at your handsome boys. I understand how sometimes we can't comment or reply to every note, we have a life away from here and our families need us. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't login, and like you said if we are not on for a day or 2 we do miss so much and it's so hard to get caught up with updates and notes.
Thank you for being a great person and friend :)

1636472 tn?1439186588
by beddajess, Mar 20, 2013
Awe you are so sweet!! Put a big smile on my face :D!! I honestly just really respect the way you put your feelings out there. Thank you again for being you *hugs* right back to you my sweet friend xoxo

982214 tn?1471458381
by krichar, Mar 20, 2013
I also love this journal... I read it esrlier but didn't have time to comment and now I have the time but I'm!!! I agree with butterfly people who know understand its hard to get on and appreciate what you can offer and those that don't, need not apply... Lol!! After all we are here for support and to give and if we make a real friend along the way it is a bonus!  But at the end of the day we all have real life to deal with and sometimes its hard to get too involved especially when there are dishonest and attention seekers out there

1748995 tn?1427338464
by JennyB0125, Mar 21, 2013
I agree, this is a great journal! Unfortunately it true that there are a few people on this site that cause drama and make it difficult for others to build trusting relationships .  I stay because of people like you and because of the ladies who commented on this journal.  

Since I had Ryder it is a bit more difficult getting on here everyday and so I do miss a lot, and I appreciate those who understand that.

I am also very grateful to the many great women on this site that make "meeting" the bad apples tolerable.

I am sending hugs to you mama!

1779215 tn?1349141170
by Mom2boys1980, Mar 21, 2013
Beddajess- Thank you Hun, glad I put a smile on your face. Sometimes that's what we all need, to smile more often :-)

Krichar- Thank you. No worries about reading it earlier and not commenting, it's not a big deal :) but I agree with what you said...making a real friend IT IS A REAL BONUS :-)

JennyB0125- Thank you, you are so sweet! I agree too with what you's so true ! I know it's hard to be on here very often, I come when I can or when I have a few minutes to spare. I thought a few times of closing my MH account, but something keeps bringing me back here, I adore reading journals and what everyone is up too and I think this is what brings me here.

I'm glad everyone liked my journal, I figured this was a way of letting everyone know how grateful and thankful I am for meeting wonderful ladies, once again THANK YOU!

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