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SVR: Beginning to End w/ Hep C

Mar 20, 2013 - 5 comments

I am 50yr old female.I caught HepC in 1985 from a BT.I didnt find out I had it till 2005.In Jan.2012 I went to Doctor for Gallbladder removal.After Ultra Sound found fatty liver,so then I had Liver Biopsy in April 2012 and now Im Chronic Hep C,Stage 5 of 6 Fibrosis,Early Stage Cirrhosis and Portal Hypertension.I am genotype 1a.I just got into a Clinical Trial for 12 weeks,this is the 1st time for Tx.I just started my Tx on June 29 2012...UPDATE : I went through my 12 weeks of treatment with a few side effects here and there in the first 8wks of tx.In the beginning I had the Headaches from the Riba, my Hgb and RBC had decreased and reduced 200mg a day of Riba.I had really BAD Brain Fog (that I already had) before tx.I say my sx were the worst between the 4th to 6th week,till my Body got use to the Meds and the Last 2 weeks.I always reported to my trial Nurse any changes so they could adjust the Meds as needed, and never took any Meds unless I ask the Nurse first.I DRINK GALLONS of Water,which is required via Clinical Trial and trust me you will know why(they say that) if you don't and Dehydrate from treatments.All in All I did what I was told and Low Sodium diets,I also did no red meats.
My Trial was blinded so I didn't get to know what my Viral Load was till the Last person in my 12 week trial reached their 4th week ( I think) EOT Lab results.I have been waiting for 6 months after my treatments was over and here I sit with SVR after 27 weeks EOT.
I still have Early Cirrhosis. I was told by my Hepatologist and HECTORSF that since I caught it early that my Liver can Heal itself in time, since it took 27yrs to damage it from the Hep C. I am so happy God answered my prayers
God Bless!

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89592 tn?1391278022
by PaulaAnn, Mar 23, 2013
that's wonderful happy 4 u.....Paula

1815939 tn?1377995399
by pooh55811, Mar 23, 2013
Congratulations on attaining SVR! that is wonderful news. Here's to a great Hep C free life and future.

3097131 tn?1357088481
by countrygirlcansurvive, Mar 26, 2013
thanks you 2...I had to change my age on here,I forgot to in Dec.LOL

5032487 tn?1365827621
by emeraldjasperthrone888, Apr 07, 2013
I am so happy for you!  

5611452 tn?1370974704
by Sevetts, Sep 13, 2013
That is awesome news.  So happy for you.  :)  I love to hear these posts.  God is awesome.


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